10 Ways to Upcycle Glass Jars and Containers

In our goal to become a less wasteful household, I’ve been looking into upcycling glass jars and containers. Here’s a list of 10 ways 10 upcycle the glass you’ve just been tossing into the recycling.

1. Reuse jars and containers with lids to store bulk food.

upcycle glass containers for bulk foods

2. Craft a new candle holder by adding some details.

3. Use as a planter for plants that doesn’t require drainage.

reuse glass containers as pots

4. Sort your pens, incense, or tall products in a glass container.

5. Add a magnet to the lid for easy storage on a refrigerator or a tool cabinet.

6. Store dried herbs for a lovely centerpiece.

7. Many jars can be fitted with pumps and transformed into a classy diy soap dispenser. Check out this link for instructions.

8. Grow your own herbs and vegetables hydroponically in glass jars.

use glass containers as a vase

9. Store your bathroom products such as cotton swabs, cloths, homemade products, oil treatments, etc.

10. Jelly jars can be easily turned into drinkware.

Check out this video on removing tinting from glass. This method also works on labels.

If none of these methods work for you or you have too many jars and containers to handle, try giving them away or even selling them in your local community. Someone else might love to use them.

What are some ways that you upcycle old glass containers? Share your ideas below.

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