Recipes for a Gluten Free Dairy Free Thanksgiving

With more people developing food allergies and intolerances, it can often be difficult to serve meals that everyone can eat. This becomes even more prevalent during the holidays, when everyone wants to eat traditional dishes. Collected below are recipes that I’ve found for a gluten free and dairy free thanksgiving meal.

Try to incorporate a few dishes for everyone to enjoy. (Even if you aren’t willing to give up Great-Grandma’s recipes, which include 3 types of dairy and a hefty dose of gluten.) Or, simply try to augment one of your family’s recipes by substituting dairy free or gluten free products.

Let me know if these are helpful, and please share your favorites in the comments!

  • DF = Dairy Free
  • GF = Gluten Free
  • V = Vegan Friendly

thanksgiving table

Main Dishes

Herbed Roasted Turkey and Homemade Gravy – DF, GF

Baked Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze – DF, GF

Herbed Chicken with Beets and Brussels – DF, GF

Vegan Option: Rosemary Infused Wild Rice Stuffed Mushrooms – DF, GF


Vegetable Sides

Mashed Potatoes – DF, GF, V

Thanksgiving Stuffing – DF, GF, V

*Green Bean Casserole – DF, GF, V

*Make Gluten Free with ALDI’s Gluten Free French Fried Onions by their LiveGFree Brand.

Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls – DF, GF

Naturally Sweet Cranberry Sauce – DF, GF, V



Pumpkin Pie – DF, GF, V

Apple Crisp – DF, GF, V



Top off your dinner with a dessert drink. These sweet treats are perfect for anyone with allergies or special diets, since they have minimal sugar and are lacking of most common allergens.

Hot Apple Cider – DF, GF, V

Homemade Hot Cocoa – DF, GF, V

Wild Rose Hip Tea – DF, GF, V

recipes for a gluten free dairy free thanksgiving

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